2014 Watkins Glen International Raceway Event

Dave and Gail have worked out a nice caravan route for us down to Watkins Glen Raceway. They have planned in 3 pit stops along the way for us to take a short break and to gather back up if we get separated. We will have detailed instructions and maps printed out for each car that is making the trip to Watkins Glen.

The Basics

Leave Host Hotel promptly at 9:45am for the 20 minute drive to Pit Stop 1 (McDonalds)

Leave Pit Stop 1 at 10:15am for the 20 minute drive to Pit Stop 2 (McDonalds)

Leave Pit Stop 2 at 10:45 for the 45 minute drive to Pit Stop 3 (Walmart)

Leave Pit Stop 3 at 11:45 for the 10 minute drive to Watkins Glen Raceway

Track time starts promptly at NOON.

Here is the overall route. Clicking on the map will take you to a Google Maps version:

and here are a serious of details that show the Start, PitStops, and End

and finally here is a map and satellite photo of each of the pitstops:

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