2010 Invasion FAQ

We have been getting some questions about the Invasion, so we thought we would add a FAQ page. Here it is.


#1 Is there a Host Hotel?

Yes, there is. Details will be announced soon.


#2 Do you have to have a type 3 to come?

We ask that if you come, you have a love for type 3s! Also, during some of the runs, we ask that the non type 3s let the type 3s run as a single group for photo op purposes.

So, if you want to come, come. Just please be aware that the event is directed at the type 3 crowd. The tech sessions, the photo ops and the cruises are set up for the t3 crowd to 'hang out' together.


#3 How much will the event cost?

We are still working out the details...the Invasion is over 19 months away... but we will post the details here as soon as we have them.


#4 What do we need to do to prepare for the trip?

1. Have your own tools and parts! People will share, but understand that tools are a personal thing.

2. Carry obvious spares! Nobody wants to give up their emergency fan belt, only to need it themselves.

3. The car needs to be road worthy! From personal experience, my car only had a minor oil leak, and I still wouldn't take it on the Berg cruise in 2000. Better to ride along, than be towed to a strange town or leaving your classic on the road side. Trust me, that will ruin the fun for you!

4. The car needs to be road worthy! I mean, take it on a long drive (4+ hours) at least once before you travel! Then, address every minor thing you have put off just because you only drive it a short distance normally.

5. Don't overload the car! Pack as light as you can, so that you have room for tools, spare parts, and purchases on site (-:

6. Don't push! It is better to get here late, than not at all. We would like to converse with you, not about you!

7. Keep a reasonable speed. Though some of the cars can and do move quickly, the group's speed should be in accordance with the weakest link in the group...This is one of the reasons for walkie talkies! You can loose each other on a steep grade without them.

8. Keep a reasonable speed!!! Shoot for 55 mph. I know that sounds slooooooow, but refer to #3 above.

Hope this helps folks!

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